Working on it! will be here shortly with the Shockwave files, digging through SD cards on Saturday, January 4. I'm away from home for the next hour though, 2:11 PM CST

If you're here for the other website hosted here (radio frequency), you're on the right Pi, I'm just busy on something else and didn't set up virtual hosts. You are more than welcome to be here, just understand this site is not dedicated to CFR 97.)

I haven't forgotten about this project or website or domain name and think about it often, I know we all do, it was nearly 20 years ago now somehow.

Somewhere in here I have an SQL database, a listener server, and recreation of the .php web files for logging in. Be glad to show you the protocol and such, it's a neat implementation they made up!
The client would call /login.php?uname=name&pword=password and the server replies ok|1234 or some other randomly generated number.
then the client connects to "" on TCP port 2324 (lucky to catch the domain name, no HOSTS redirection trash) and says 1234^^login^^name, then that's it: The server replies with what's in the room if I recall correctly and you're in.

Other commands are similar, like 1234^^aimsq^^4 (Aim for square number four on the map) to walk around. It updates the server often while walking, saying 1234^^mypos^^ and I forget the parameters, but in case someone walks in the room it's a "I've started walking but am not at the destination yet" change.

Going into the 'game' part where you're john paul george or ringo is interesting: it's "instanced", everyone starts with game id 0 when logging in. Then, your information ('being in the room') is only shared with others in the same game id.
if you were to change game id but walk around in the bar or stage, everyone'd be invisible in another instance, and you show up in "Game 1" or similar on the Eye

I want to emulate the old server as best as possible (circa 2001!) but want to avoid using anything anyone has exclusive rights to. with that said, there likely can't be the official "One" music. maybe cover bands? i'm sorry, I know that's lame. I just don't want to tick off the fruit company or those with exclusive rights, but feel like the virtual chatroom should still exist.

Anyway, in progress, gotta dig up the working emulation. I've made it in VB6 before on a windows system, but you can imagine that wasn't the fullest-featured...
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